Bicycle Repair

Bicycle repair is my specialty here at Chain of Fools!

I’ve always been the type of person that says “If it ain’t broke, fix it til it is”. This led me to start taking apart, rebuilding, and learning about how lots of different things work. Bicycles made sense to me pretty quickly, and after working on my own bike for a few years, began fixing and maintaining bikes for friends and family. My professional entry into bicycle repair was in 2014, doing all the repairs and maintenance for the YMCA’s Bike Barn. Spending a few months keeping over 30 bikes in working order gave me the inspiration to open Chain of Fools Bicycle Repair, so when I decided to get serious about bike repair, I supplemented my trail & error experience with a few professional classes at the Appalachian Bicycle Institute, in Asheville, NC. Now, I’ve got a well-equipped service area, and ready for most any repair, large or small. So whether you just need a flat tire fixed, or your bike needs a total overhaul, I can take care of it!


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