So, Who’s the Fool?

Hello Internet!

My name is Matthew Huckfeldt, and I’m the owner of Chain of Fools Bicycle Repair. I’m a pretty active guy, so if I look familiar, you have probably seen me at one of my other jobs. I’ve worked at Mtn’ Jax, I’ve coached gymnastics at Blue Ridge Gymnastics Academy, and I work at the Bike Barn on the Dick & Willie trail. So, with all these activities, why did I decide to start my own business? Well, to put it simply, I love to help people get active, and to see them having fun while doing so. Working at the Bike Barn opened my eyes to the number of people in Martinsville and Henry County who are interested in bicycles, and that riding bicycles is a great activity for such a wide range of people, from young children, to retired adults. The time is right for Martinsville to get a bicycle shop, and I’m excited to make that contribution to my community!

Now, I only have 2 more months to get this place ready…

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