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Looking for a bike?

Chain of Fools has a variety of new bikes in stock from KHS Bicycles, and can special order many more. If you feel like browsing some of what I can offer, check out the links below for manufacturers’ websites. I try to keep a variety of sizes and styles in stock from KHS, and the rest are usually special order.Call me or contact me using the form at bottom of the page if you have any questions about what bikes would suit you, what size bike you need (I can measure you for bike fit), or to come by for a free test ride.

KHS Bicycles – Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Comfort cruisers, Hybrids, Kids’ bikes, Tandems, Three-wheelers, Folding bikes, Fat bikes; KHS makes a vast array of bikes at a very reasonable price.

Manhattan Cruisers and Comfort Bikes

Surly Bikes makes high-quality, rock-solid, mountain bikes and road bikes out of steel. No nonsense.

Sun Bicycles is focused on relaxing, making cruisers, comfort bikes, recumbents, and three-wheelers.

Foundry Cycles is all about high-end road and cyclocross bikes.

All City Cycles makes classic road bikes and cyclocross bikes.

Civia Cycles makes bikes for commuting and neighborhood riding.

Heller Bikes is a new company making great fat-bikes.

Cogburn Outdoors is a creative company making mountain bikes for hunters wanting to do things a little differently.

Dahon Folding Bikes Yes, they fold up.

Kids Bikes & Balance Bikes 

If you’ve never heard of a “Balance Bike”, take a look. It’s becoming a very popular way to teach kids how to ride, because it removes the stress of “taking off the training wheels”.

Early Rider No Compromise Bikes for Kids.

Burley makes kids’ bikes, as well as related kid-trailers, jogging strollers, and cargo trailers for bikes.

KaZAM Balance Bikes

BMX Bikes

Free Agent BMX

Subrosa BMX

Stolen Bike Co.

Radio BMX Bikes


WeThePeople Bike Co.


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