Trail Building Nov 5 & 7 – Help Wanted

Hopefully by now everybody in the MHC area who is at all interested in mountain biking has been out to Mountain Laurel Trails. It’s an awesome trail system off of 58 west in Horsepasture, and it’s currently around 7 miles of singletrack. Well Bob Norris (landowner, trail builder, and mtn biker) has done a fantastic job with it (mostly by his own power) and wants to round it out to an even 10 miles! There will 2 trail building events this week, and YOU can help finish it. If you have any time/energy to spare, we’d love to see you, even if it’s only for an hour or 2. This should be a productive week, there will be 3 trail machines, and if enough folks turn up, we can knock it out with minimal sweat.

Thursday, Nov 5, 9:00am

Saturday, Nov 7, 8:00am

If you have questions, or want to RSVP, contact Bob (276-340-9144) or join the Facebook Events (linked above^)

Mountain Laurel Trails Website

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